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the Think Differently Podcast

 Be curious, creative and collaborative.
Be empathetic and optimistic.
Challenge the status quo and work differently.
Move quickly, learn fast and share early.
Be fearless and fail in your pursuit to create. 


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Ryan Meador


Wilderness Strength and Conditioning

Marc is an incredibly gracious person. He is so giving of his time and coaching expertise and will work with you to uncover the stumbling blocks you may be having in your personal or professional life. I’ve never met such a great listener, and I truly am amazed at what he was able to pull out of our initial conversation that resulted in action items and solid realizations about what I need to lean into with my own business.


From the moment you meet Marc you know you are in for something special. His innovation knowledge and expertise are outstanding and he leads with head, heart and soul to help organizations and people innovate


Our jam session with Marc was fantastic!  He did an amazing job facilitating and was full of creative ideas and insights.  He helped us think differently about our customers; whiteboard what we know, don't know, and need to know; and map out next steps. Thanks to just one session, we now have a clear 6-week sprint action plan for better understanding our customer segments and needs, and feel galvanized to take action.  Plus, he was so empathetic and enthusiastic – I really feel like he has a stake in our success.  We can't wait to jam with Marc again as we continue to creatively evolve our business!

Larry Duetsch

Principal, DVK Marketing

Sabrina Moyle

Founder, Hello Lucky

What People Say About Me...

Stuff I've Done 

  • Taught Science in Chicago

  • Led the redesign of STEM Curriculum for 40,000 students and teachers

  • Won the 2011 Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching

  • Spoke at TEDxIIT

  • Co-founded the scienceFIST Foundation

  • Handwrote a monthly newsletter to 120 subscribers

  • Consulted with dozens of clients

  • Host the Think Differently Podcast

  • Led a sales, marketing and customer experience department

  • Dug up a Triceratops

Stuff I do

  • Creative Strategy

  • Design Thinking

  • Research

  • Branding

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Workshops

  • Consulting Projects

  • Advise

Stuff About Me

  • Have 3 children

  • Type 1 Diabetic

  • Scared of the dark

  • Love coffee, skateboards, lacrosse and Motown music

  • Saw the Grateful Dead over 20 times